ETA: This is a scene from The House I Live In, a film on the American drug war and its effects on communities of color, education, the class disparity and the prison industrial complex.  I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

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So it’s 8 in the morning, we’re all waiting in line for the Supernatural panel, & naturally who shows up but the wonderful Misha Collins, who literally has coffee for everyone waiting in line. Thanks for making the whole “waiting in line since 4am” thing totally worth it.

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If you don’t love Wonder Woman you’re wrong.

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Autobots, drop the funky fresh beats


Autobots, drop the funky fresh beats

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The thing that sucks about mental illness is that if you aren’t depressed enough, suicidal enough, bad enough, nobody cares. Nobody cares until you reach their standard, and that standard is when your problem is bad enough to effect them

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"Buttonladyyyyyy~~~" [x]

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